Why the RSPCA annoy me…..

http://metro.co.uk/2015/10/26/a-british-supermarket-is-shrink-wrapping-crabs-while-theyre-still-alive-5461983/?ito=facebook Instead of responding to the concerns  of this perverted treatment of animals by stating that “crustaceans aren’t covered by animal welfare legislation”  DO something.  Stick your well funded heads above the parapet and CHALLENGE these obscene practices. I am perpetually infuriated by this organisation that will prosecute a pensioner for not walking his dog […]

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Fight the Propaganda

Every day someone will say to me “do you have to shove your veganism down our throats?” and “do you have to be so extreme?”  The answer is simple, a resounding YES.   The extent of the propaganda proliferated by the media, corporations and the general populous is beyond immense.  Vegans MUST speak out, often […]

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