The Hypocrisy of Vegetarianism

In this age of accessible knowledge, vegetarianism is antiquated. It is defunct and redundant. It belongs to a bygone age where those who wanted to remove themselves from the holocaust of animal exploitation, torture and murder. thought all they had to do was not eat animals and their derivatives.  Over the last three decades, the meaning of vegetarian (one who consumes only plant based foods) has been corrupted to mean just about anything.  Even those who consume animals identify as vegetarian.  As a statement of solidarity with the plight of non humans, vegetarian is entirely without meaning.  It means little more than someone who consumes a little more vegetables and fruits that your average unthinking KFC or macdonalds consumer.


Now in the information age, to believe adopting a vegetarian diet (in its original sense) is all one has to do to opt out of knowingly supporting and participating in the torture and murder of non humans, is, at best, naive.  There is no excuses for ignorance anymore.  If we don’t know the truth, we have CONTRIVED to be ignorant.  We just don’t want to know.


Those who are vegetarian because they disagree with the barbarous cruelty and exploitation of animals are remaining ignorant, happy to live in a bygone age where it was plausible to be so ignorant.


The reality is, in terms of cruelty and exploitation and murder of animals, vegetarianism is on a par with being a practicing carnivore. Perhaps it is even worse because of the assumption made by vegetarians that they are making a moral stand against animal cruelty when in fact they are contributing to it.  They praise themselves for their compassion while actively participating in the obscene and perverted treatment of animals in the dairy, egg, skin and vivisection industries.  They are shameless in their hypocrisy.  Will to make token gestures but not willing to do anything they perceive as too much effort. Regardless of the fact that their choice to continue to support the dairy, egg, skin and vivisection industries.  In spite of this, they are still “proud to be vege for the animals”.  Vegetarianism is a token gesture made by those who want to feel, in animal advocacy terms,  superior to animal flesh consumers. In reality, they are the same thing. Part of the same industry.  All abusers and exploiters of non humans.


Veganism is the very baseline of civilisation. It is every human’s moral responsibility to be vegan. We have no right to torture and murder animals.  No right whatsoever. Anyone who allows this to happen in their name, is immoral and is contributing to making the world a horrific place. That includes vegetarians.


The good news is going vegan is not only easy, it opens the doors to culinary creativity, to great health, to physical and mental well-being and to oneness with the natural world. Those who are not vegan are barely alive. Those who are vegan have truly inherited a secret world of great beauty and compassion and depth. The very best thing a person can do for themselves, for their community, for the environment and for the animal nations, the innocents without a voice, is to go vegan.  There are no reasons not to, only selfish excuses.




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