If you are not vegan, you have to know this most unpalatable truth. You are behaving as a nazi to the animal nations.  To support and participate in the obscene and perverted cruelty of the meat, dairy, egg, skin and vivisection industries, is to behave as a bully, a tormentor, a nazi to the animals.  Choose non violence. Choose compassion. Choose VEGAN.


3 thoughts on “STOP BEING A NAZI

  1. ok, i dont eat meat but i keep lots of animals (just got an abandoned lamb yesterday,so cute) and 4 of those are chooks. bloody spoilt ones too that have 1/2 an acre of scounging room. now, chooks lay eggs as chooks do. i am firmly against waste and i use them in cakes etc. how is that bad?

    1. Why is it bad? There are several reasons. Firstly, you are either saying I have land and therefore It is my privilege to have eggs and if you live in town in a fourth floor social housing project, tough. Or, you are saying there is nothing wrong with consuming eggs per se. Either an elitist model of consumption or promoting the full horrific excesses of a truly barbaric industry. You also say “I am firmly against waste” When are you firmly against waste? This is really about our own benefit than about challenging waste. Do you harvest the birds faeces or urine? Do you pick up road kill and cook it? I could go on. What you are regarding as desirable, is in fact the birds menstrual cycle discharge. I would no more put that in a cake than I would their faeces or urine. Indeed there is no reason to put such a thing into a cake. This is simply demonstrative of the efficacy of years of powerful marketing by the avian menstrual discharge industry. Leave the eggs be, I promise you the eggs will not be wasted, they will be enjoyed by wildlife. Moreover, all laying hens come from hatcheries or yo a lesser extent more domestic breeders where the male hatchlings and murdered. As long as people consume eggs this will never stop. Given this, and the fact that we have absolutely no reason whatsoever to consume eggs, that is why it is bad to do so.

  2. Firstly, debate with civility or I will delete your comments. I would recommend you read ETERNAL TREBLINKA by Charles Patterson. The work draws obvious comparisons between the holocaust during WWII and the non human ‘ETERNAL’ holocaust being waged against the other (non human) animal nations. Your are speciesist which is why you are unable to understand this. Speciesism is prejudice, bigotry and discrimination based on difference. Speciesism is exploitation and slavery, torture and murder, justified of the GROUNDS of difference. In our treatment of the other animals, all humans are nazis. These are the words of nobel prize winning writer Isaac Bashevis Singer who I assume you would regard a “stupid child”. Try to rise above your initial (and natural) response which is to take offense at being classed, in your regard for and attitude towards other animals, a nazi. What else are we if we rape, abuse, enslave, torture and murder others for wholly unnecessary, purely selfish reasons simply because we can. That is the way of the bully, of might is right.

    Non human animals are vulnerable and defenseless and suffer immeasurably at our hands. We are monsters to the other animals. We are terrorists to them.

    If it offends you because I compare your supporting and participating in the non human holocaust to the behaviour of a nazi, it is because it is true. In your attempts to deny this, you confirm it. You have no regard or concern for the suffering of a cow. Therefore to a cow (and every other non human animal), in every sense, you are a nazi.

    If we do not want to support and participate in the non human holocaust, we don’t have to. We simply must become vegan which is effortless. You are not vegan because you regard your own selfish desire for a certain taste sensation, a pair of shoes or a certain shampoo, as more important than the obscene and perverted suffering of non human animals. That is, to behave towards them, as a nazi. Please read the book and I welcome your further (civil) comments.

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