A Matter of Life and Death

People often say to me “it’s really hard to be vegan” “we should take baby steps” “no one can turn vegan overnight” and other such sentences which convey the “it’s too hard” message. Those people often claim it is too complicated to read all the labels or to seek out foods which are vegan. This is a mindset formed by years of brainwashing and misinformation. If all the (so called) ‘foods’ which contain parts and secretions of animals, instead contained anthrax or cyanide, suddenly the difficulty in reading labels would evaporate. But it is not YOUR life which ends when you consume meat, dairy, egg, and animal derivatives (at least not instantly). It is innocent non humans.

And if I was to start listing foods which are vegan right now, I would still be listing them next week. ALL food is vegan except the few perverted wares of the murder industries. Once we see animals as beings with as much right to life as ourselves, we understand that we can no longer participate in the holocaust that is the meat, dairy, egg, skin and vivisection industries. Once we ‘get it’ we are free from participating in this non human holocaust.

It really is spectacularly easy to be vegan. It just takes the understanding that animals are not ours to use, exploit, abuse, torture and murder.

There is widespread knowledge of the non human holocaust that is the dairy, egg, skin and vivisection industries.  So why doesn’t knowledge of the rape, torture, enslavement, terror, abuse and murder of these despicable and vile industries encourage ‘vegetarians’ who claim to have compassion for their non human cousins, from ceasing their support for and participation in these atrocities.

Is this denial? Selective blindness?  Or is the unfortunate reality that those who do this, simply believe that animals are mere ‘things’ to be used by humans as we see fit.

Personally I believe that many care deeply but are in such deep denial. In part because they are selfishly wedded to certain taste sensations, fashion items etc.   They have also bought into, again for selfish reasons,  anti vegan propaganda and believe it to be difficult to be vegan when the reverse is true and this causes some (‘vegetarians’) to resent vegans for doing what they themselves are unable to do.

I also believe that many don’t care and are simply being faddy, following self motivated reasons or are wholly unaware (how is this possible in this knowledge age?) of the grotesque atrocities of these industries.

Given the extreme cruelty that a modern lacto.ova vegetarian supports and participates in, it is clear that they celebrate their compassion prematurely as they are supporting every bit as much cruelty and suffering as those who consume meat.

Veganism is a philosophy and lifestyle whose adherents seek to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. Vegans endeavor to never consume or use any animal products of any type.

The vegan doctrine is that humans should live without exploiting animals.

According to this understanding, veganism is not itself a set of actions or practices but instead a principle, from which certain practices logically flow.

Anything short of practicing veganism, is to knowingly and actively participate in the most cruel and barbaric treatment of non human animals.

Anything short of practicing veganism is to overtly and explicitly state that certain forms of animal torture are acceptable to you.

We cannot have compassion for animals in any meaningful sense if we actively and knowingly support their torture.

Only if we wholly refuse to participate in and support the meat, dairy, egg, skin, and vivisection industries and many other areas of needless and gratuitous exploitation of our animal cousins, can we claim to care about them and can there be any meaning to our efforts.

There is no justification for supporting these murderous practices other than our own selfish wants, desires and conveniences. That is NOT caring about animals.

If You don’t want to support torture and murder, you MUST Go Vegan!

There really are no reasons not to be vegan. Only excuses. Make the change now and don’t be a part of the non human holocaust.

For you, it may be choosing what to have for dinner. For your non human cousins, it is a matter of life and death.




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