The very spurious ‘Ethical’ and ‘Humane’ murder position

There are countless agenda driven animal exploiters and can’t be ar**d, selfish people who will do their utmost to convince you and themselves that it is possible to love animals and eat them. They will talk of animals becoming extinct if the world adopted veganism. They will also talk of the world being over-run by animals. They will talk of the animals killed during the production of the evil food those nasty vegans eat. The fatuousness of these ‘arguments’ is evident and the transparency of why they are presented is the sad lament of weak people, brainwashed and addicted to selfish pursuits irrespective of the immense misery, suffering and deprivation they cause.

I’d like to briefly address these points:

If you eat animals you do not love them. You condemn them to slavery, trauma, torture and ultimately murder. Is that how we treat those we love?

If the world adopted a vegan diet, far from animals becoming extinct, they would gain equal status to all of the Earth’s beings. A vegan world is sanctuary to the animal nations.

Yes, there are animals killed during agricultural arable processing but the argument that vegans are killing more animals than ‘ethical’ consumers of non human animals is flawed for two reasons:
– vegans are the most conscientious consumers on the planet – they have to be. The plants foods consumed by vegans is more likely to be gained from sources less detrimental to the environment and natural habitats and vegans consumers, for the most part. avoid intensive agriculture.  Non vegans eat plants too.  This argument is the very admirable, “we can’t avoid killing the bugs in the windscreen of the bus so we should do nothing” argument.

Secondly, the animals these people ‘ethically’ murder for food are not fed from their neighbours organic allotment. Neither is this the likeliest source of the vegetables decorating the body part on their plate.

We are always going to be presented with the image of the happy dairy cow, content to be raped, content to be deprived of her child and witness his murder, content to be worked into an early grave but this is not the reality.  We are always going to be presented by Porky the Pig smiling up at us from the hermetically sealed macabre packaging which contains the dismembered limb or organ of a real feeling being who lived a life of ill-regard and exploitation and met a terrifying and bloody end with acutely lucid awareness.  We are unforgivably stupid if we believe the mother gives her milk to her mechanical tormentor willingly when we KNOW she longs for the intimacy of nurturing her child.  We are inexcusably obtuse if we believe the lamb, terrified at being parted from his mother was anything other than tortured beyond imagination as he was herder onto the killing floor and poked into the aluminium chute to be met with the hammer of the electric shock, witnessing his siblings and friends meet this fate seconds before.  There is nothing ethical about consuming animal products.  To support and participate in these vile and perverted practices is to behave as a nazi towards non humans.  To wholly disregard their feelings and their suffering.

We have no reason whatsoever to consume the flesh of animals or their secretions. We CHOOSE to for a wholly unnecessary, purely selfish taste sensation and those who like to think of themselves as responsible and caring people, fully disengage their brains and talk of ethical slaughter without a glimmer of recognition for the utter insanity of such a statement. Without any semblance of understanding of the extremity of their bigotry and prejudice toward the other species. Such people are consumers of guilt alleviation techniques. Anything which will allow them to continue to indulge in their selfishness but alleviate their guilt is welcome. The conscientious consumer is an advertisers dream. It is not so much that they are EASY to con. They WANT to be conned. They WANT to be told the unnecessary enslavement and murder of innocent beings for products we don’t need IS ethical. REALITY CHECK: if we consume the flesh of animals, consume dairy and eggs, wear the skin of animals, use products tested on animals, we are supporting and participating in obscene and perverted cruelty and suffering on an unimaginable scale. We have no reasons to use or consume anything from animals derived. We choose to because our selfish unnecessary wants takes precedence over the lives of the vulnerable and defenceless. Non human AND humans.

Go vegan, there are no reasons not to. Only selfish excuses.


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