Fight the Propaganda

Every day someone will say to me “do you have to shove your veganism down our throats?” and “do you have to be so extreme?”  The answer is simple, a resounding YES.   The extent of the propaganda proliferated by the media, corporations and the general populous is beyond immense.  Vegans MUST speak out, often and without compromise.

By speaking out I harm no one. By speaking out I educate, raise awareness, address the evil that is the exploitation of non humans.  I advocate non violence to all beings and the adoption of a plant based diet. For that I am labelled extreme.

By not being vegan, you are supporting and participating in unspeakable cruelty and torture.  You are directly responsible for the most obscene and perverted atrocities inflicted on the most vulnerable and weak.  That is ‘normal’

By not being vegan you are literally murdering and eating babies.  That is ‘normal’

You coo at the sight of a cute lamb yet eat the same.  You pet the cat on your lap, call yourself and animal lover while eating the pig.  The beautiful, feeling, smart pig.   You are suffering from moral schizophrenia.  You are wholly disconnected from reality. You contrived to be ignorant.  You are wilful in your callous disregard for the feelings and suffering of other beings.  That is truly extreme. That is psychopathy. Terrorism.

Wake up to the madness of non human exploitation. It is entirely unnecessary and morally wrong.


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