Why the RSPCA annoy me…..


Instead of responding to the concerns  of this perverted treatment of animals by stating that “crustaceans aren’t covered by animal welfare legislation”  DO something.  Stick your well funded heads above the parapet and CHALLENGE these obscene practices.

I am perpetually infuriated by this organisation that will prosecute a pensioner for not walking his dog adequately but will do NOTHING about the torture and murder of millions of beings in the meat, dairy and egg industries.  They are a mockery to the suffering animals.  Male chicks ground up alive, worthless to the egg industry and fair game, just ‘things’ a by product of eggs.  Calfs dragged screaming from their mothers and murdered.   Does the RSPCA campaign to shut down these cruel industries?  Does it promote veganism and animal rights?  NO!   Take a risk and STAND FOR SOMETHING or go away.  Animals need advocates who care!


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