Go vegan. It’s easy. ~ you will be happy and healthy. You will be doing something fantastic for the planet and all its inhabitants. You will open a door in your mind to the wonders of the Earth. You will expand your palate. You will reverse many serious health conditions. We only have one life, it is precious. Live it well. Live it compassionately. Live it vegan.

Unless and until we become vegan, we are actively participating in and supporting the most obscene and perverted cruelty imaginable.

If we are not vegan we are active supporters of a non human holocaust in which the most unspeakable atrocities and cruelties take place.





Courtesy of  Vegan Poet

Driving along a country road, I see a turkey — the kind people eat. Its magnificence gladdens me. Lying on the hills, I see gentle-natured cows and wonder how anyone could want to eat them. Nonhuman animals have been friends whom I can count on; angels. My heart leaps with joy that I live so harmoniously with other species. I continue on down the country road. I see plastic numbered tags tacked to each cow’s ear, and I think to myself ‘Am I the same species to those who would do this to a cow?’ I’m continuing down the country road in Northern New Zealand where cows are still free-ranged (luckier than their factory-farmed brethren), but certainly NOT free. They are slaves.

I’m distraught by humans enslaving others. My heart is jolted when I see that man would set a dog on a herd of docile creatures to round them up; aggressively herding those who are peaceful – making the slaves do what the master wants. Next I see a horse tied by a fairly short rope, struggling, pulling the rope and eating grass. Being tied there, what else was the horse going to do, but eat grass? That was the human’s purpose; for the horse to eat the grass in that spot. I think of what a miracle that a great strong horse builds mass by eating grass. I envision what a horse’s life should be; running free in the fields and meadows of open wilderness. Man sure does break the horse’s spirit. What an awful thing to have on your dossier; caging up and enslaving creatures that were meant to live in the wild.

Eating animals is insane. They are not food. We are herbivores. How can I make this statement with such conviction? Because I’ve been vegan for 31 years and have excellent health and a better mental clarity, as do all my other long-time vegan friends. We, as humanity, inflict suffering and misery on other sentient, feeling creatures, needlessly. My life is a testament to that fact.

There was a time when everyone thought the world was flat. They were wrong. The majority thinks and believes that animals and their bodily fluids are food. They are as wrong about that as they were about the Earth being flat. It’s an error in judgment of that magnitude. That we can own, enslave, exploit and eat nonhuman animals has been the indoctrination for ages, passed on from generation to generation, so it is deeply imbedded. However, it is also easily broken free of once you awaken to the Vegan Truth. I’m absolutely positive that an animal is not food; in fact, I’m more certain of that than the world being round; which is only hearsay evidence. I’ve looked into the eyes of many nonhuman animals and I know for certain that animals are NOT food.



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